Google Doodle honours man who predicted internet’s importance

Michael Dertouzos.


Instead of the usual logo, Google visitors will find a tribute to Michael Dertouzos.Source:Supplied

FOR anyone searching through Google today, rather than the iconic rainbow lettering, you’ll come across a man against a blackboard next to images of spreadsheets, microchips and other technology iconography.

Why is this today’s Google Doodle?

Well, it’s Professor Michael Dertouzos 82nd birthday, and Google is celebrating the genius behind technology’s role in our lives.


Born in 1936 in Athens, Michael Dertouzos was a renowned computer scientist who predicted how vital a role the internet would play in everyday life. He also foresaw the rise of personal computers, helping to maximise their potential.

Initially studying at the University of Arkansas on a Fulbright Scholarship, Prof Dertouzos went on to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), getting his PhD and eventually joining the faculty in 1968. He became a professor in electrical engineering and computer science, becoming director of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science in 1974. He died in 2001.

What would have been Michael Dertouzos’ 82nd birthday celebrated in the best way Google could — with a Google Doodle.

What would have been Michael Dertouzos’ 82nd birthday celebrated in the best way Google could — with a Google Doodle.Source:Supplied

Michael Dertouzos.

Michael Dertouzos.Source:Supplied


Prof Dertouzos was a firm believer of bringing “technology into our lives, and not vice versa”. Following his belief in the importance of technology in unleashing the full potential of humanity, he helped create an MIT project endeavouring to incorporate computers into everyday life.

With the overwhelming popularity of smartphones, smart watches, tablets and home AI technology, it’s safe to say his goal has been achieved.

So today, on what would have been his 82nd birthday, we pay tribute to the man quoted with saying: “We made a big mistake 300 years ago when we separated technology and humanism. It’s time to put the two back together.”

Happy birthday Michael Dertouzos!

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